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10 Website Essentials For Your Website

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Your website will need the following to be successful. It’s highly important that you learn these 10 expert skills, or hire someone who does.

10 Essentials For A Successful Website

  1. Branding
  2. Legal Pages
  3. About & Contact
  4. Attractive Images
  5. Call To Action Buttons
  6. SEO Template & SCHEMA
  7. Internal & External Links
  8. Payments & Refund Policy
  9. Content: Video/Data/Gallery
  10. Social Media Links/Feeds


You can get it wrong or right with branding or even your own logo design. When you get it right it makes a huge difference. You can test out various options. Also test them in places like Twitter. If you get many followers when you change your logo, that is a positive sign.

Legal Pages

Legal pages include privacy, cookie policy, company contact or trader contact details. Leave any of these blank and you may not get ranked by search engines. Also, you might not gain the clients you’d hoped for. Finally you may get fined. These should come first. Ad disclosures should be on every page/post. It generally saves a lot of time. Use a plugin or do it manually.

About & Contact Pages

It’s very important that websites have more information about their purpose, services and contact information. Especially if you sell anything online. This will help you to look professional.

Why Elementor Themes Are Preferred

Why does Elementor attract so many buyers? Themes with Elementor allow Call To Action buttons on Images. This is a very important marketing tool for the future. The image draws in new & interesting customers. It’s very fast & easy. What’s a good Elementor alternative? Webstarts.com. Build a site in minutes!

SEO Optimised Themes/Plugins & SCHEMA

SCHEMA is the way your website appears in search engines like Google. You may want to create a list, emojis or charts/tables. Alternatively, some text information is just as good if it is searched for. Plugins such as Yoast & Rankmath help you achieve this. Some themes already have SEO Meta Descriptions & SCHEMA built-in!

Internal & External Links

Ideally, there should be more internal links than external links. And you should link externally to an expert site with high DA. Internal links should be 3 links deep. So related content and keywords can intrigue your readers to delve deeper. That shows search engines that you are providing useful information to your readers and your ranking will increase.

Payment & Refund Policy

This should reflect your area of business. And if you include global regions, you should provide such information to those customers also.

Original Content

Don’t be afraid to create your own content. The more you experiment and create your own content, the better your site will perform. If you are creative or buy a creative tool that helps. This way your branding and content/images/watermarks can match up.

Social Media Feeds

Everyone loves something that’s popular. Show you’re relevant, current and trending. People will rush to you first time for your consultancy, products & services!

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