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We list the best hosting deals on the web. Don’t buy hosting until you’ve checked out these offers!

  3. HostSlim.EU
  5. Verpex Hosting

Why Ionos?

Ionos are the all rounders when it comes to a quick buy. You can get what you need from as little as 50 cents or one pound (per month,12 months). Or if you need to make a quick cheap transfer. You just sign in and buy. I really dislike domain registrars that try and trick you into adding a premium domain fee. Ionos doesn’t seem to do that.

Why HostSlim?

HostSlim offers cheap hosting, advanced features and reseller hosting from 1.00 Euro/month. This website is hosted on HostSlim. And I really like the features & support. The support is minimal, baring in mind language. EXCELLENT!

Why Youstable?

Youstable offer a triennial discount package for unlimited shared hosting, shared cloud hosting and they also offer great prices on Business Cloud & VPS hosting. I think there are better deals out there for shared hosting. 70% off is a good offer, but we have found cheaper and faster though, though not the same UNLIMITED.

Why Verpex?

Verpex offer secure business and start up hosting to UK & USA customers. They took over Shark Hosting in 2020 which as the best ebay hosting seller. They also provide adult hosting to those seeking it.

Stable, fast and secure, Verpex is a trusted option for companies. And prices stay the same/low.

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