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Ionos Domains Review

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I love the deals from Ionos because they & cheap and cheerful.

Pros Of Ionos

I currently use Ionos UK for my cheap domain names and cheap domain transfers, among many others. These were the best for a quick and seamless transfer. The cost to transfer a domain to Ionos was just £1.00. Plus when you register a domain name after the discount period, you will still get discount bundles. For example: .com, .org & for £14.99 Whatever kind of deal you’re looking for, they are bound to provide ongoing discounts to loyal customers.

The offers are the same for European and American customers. Though the websites are different, the prices are very similar. And they offer unbeatable value for those starting out.

Cons Of Ionos

The odd thing I find is the contract system. That is, when you buy domains, there is a contract view of the domains you bought on the same day. There are other ways to navigate the dashboard, so it doesn’t matter. I guess it is useful for business invoicing & renewals. Their dashboard has improved significantly over the years. It’s not difficult, it’s just common sense.

Similarly you need to synch your domain transfer with the previous registrar instead of just unlocking the domain name. But this only adds to the security of your transfer. You are guided through. It is a little bit technical, but only takes a minute to complete.

Summary Of Ionos

The introductory prices are unbeatable. The dashboard is slightly different to some websites you may be used to. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. You get useful name suggestions and offers. You can secure your name quickly and securely (in seconds). A great go to place for both cheap domain names and hosting plans. Renewals are dearer, but not anything too bad.

I have used them in the past, many years ago. And more recently I have managed to save a bundle on domain name transfers for Where they would renew at £12.99 or £13.99 elsewhere. That means that I bought them at £1 or free and got an extra year, which was a pretty good deal.

Technical knowledge required: 6/10 It’s not that technical. Value 10/10.

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