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Start A Blog For Free & Make Money!

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You know you can now make a blog for cheap or free. All you need to do is get a free domain name, free or cheap hosting and you’re done. Let me tell you how I made this blog in no time.

  1. I got a Domain & Hosting (Cheap)
  2. Installed WordPress & Astra (Free)
  3. Used Ad Rotate Plugin (Free)
  4. Insert Affiliate Window Advertising
  5. Use A Table Comparison Plugin (Paid)
  6. Insert Ad Disclaimer Notification (Free)
  7. I Use My Partner Links (Free)
  8. Use Free Royalty Images (Free)

Free domain names like UK names are available at Names.co.uk or £1.99 .com. It’s my go-to place when I want a free UK domain name. You can also buy a domain name for £1.00 at FastHosts.com.

Hosting at $0.59 or £1 a month at Ionos & Host Slim. It’s peanuts and worth every penny. You’re bound to make a profit!

Astra Theme is the most professional, fast and good-looking theme you can get for free (in my humble opinion). No restrictions, such as footer credits, nothing like that. If it’s tech-related or information, keep it simple with a simple theme.

Install Ad Rotate from Dashboard/Plugins/Add Plugins. Also, you can search for an ad disclaimer and cookie notice bar. Activate.

Start posting. You can then advertise to match your site’s keywords, optionally colour match, or display ads by region.

The plainer the blog, sometimes it’s for the best. Unless it’s media, art, medical and that kind of thing. You can add reviews too.

When you have the right setup, you may want to schedule posts on your social pages or do this manually whenever you wish.

A good-looking site will be bright, airy, colourful and spacious. Take your time and enjoy your blogging journey. 🙂

How Much Can You Earn From Blogging?

This depends largely on who you know and influence (your followers/fans) and the types of companies that you partner with. Earnings from blogging can easily go into the thousands!

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