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Tips On How To Increase Web Traffic Organically

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Increase Web Traffic For Blogs & Websites

There are so many points to consider when your site is ready for a larger audience, you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to earn any money from ads, services, deals etc.

The first step is to ensure you have a good few backlinks and backlinks to related or high authority (High DA) websites. And the second is to ensure you have lots of social shares.

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To buy backlinks or buy social shares might seem like cheating, but to start off with, you might want to get social media page designs and grow your audience naturally. And you may have to purchase backlinks or submit your site to search engines and directories manually.

Either way, you will need to send a signal that people are engaging with your site and update it regularly. For example, every week or fortnight.

The more you post, the more traffic you’ll get, until eventually, you will have enough traffic to have some domain authority and cut a profit.

Not all websites make it, and that’s the truth. Online businesses can be a gamble and there is a start-up cost involved, no matter how large or small. Paying through the nose for SEO makes no sense, as doing these simple few steps, should get you off to the right start.

Monitoring your web traffic for free with an SEO tool can also help you understand your site’s keywords and the potential to reach your audience.

Recommended Website Services Free & Paid

In conclusion, you can maybe use a service such as Ultimate SEO Dominator, SEO Clerks, Fiverr and SEO POZ (free & paid). Create backlinks yourself in social groups, and forums which allow posting/link sharing (take your time with this and beware not to SPAM or get blacklisted).

Ultimate SEO Dominator is so cheap and you can use it over and over on any number of websites. SEO Poz is literally FREE. So, these are the main two websites I recommend to help grow your web presence.

While these are the initial steps one should take to build organic web traffic, this should be maintained on a routine weekly or monthly basis, once you have obtained some ranking keywords and social follows, don’t stop there!

When To Use CPC Ads & How Much To Bid?

Next, you will want to consider some 3rd party advertising/CPC advertising, search engine or social media marketing. Once you have finalised your website, website submissions and social media accounts, this is the progressive next step to ensure you get ongoing web traffic for free! (In addition to your paid advertising). This will make your site rank for years to come.

How much you spend depends on what turnover or profit can be made, what has been made and a forecast on your analytics, such as click-through rate, and conversion rate. And what sort of budget do you have in place for your new business? Say for example you have 5,000 web visits 50% from search engines & 50% from social media, 70% leave the site, 30% stay/engage, 5-10% subscribe, 10% click advertising, and you may predict 1% conversion rate. If you get over 10,000 visitors and you have regular conversions/sales or higher than 1%, then by all means, do advertise. Trends also play a factor and this means varying your content, noticing trends and giving your audience MORE of what they are searching for.

Analytics can vary depending on your website’s design, content, niche and popularity/trends. You can search for popular topics in Google Trends, and improve your site’s design and call to action and posts as and when necessary.

After 3-6 months, if you have 7,000 or more visitors and you make a few sales, this indicates that your website will grow with time and that it is worth the investment of advertising. Some websites that don’t use SEO will need much more advertising and this can be costly. Search engine advertising can be tricky to work and you may need to hire an expert, as any mistake using this can be costly.

A marketing plan is always useful. You can also download free spreadsheets for creating effective campaigns, and so on.

Call to Action & Trends

Also offer Call To Actions; registration, freebies, subscriptions & newsletters. And the list goes on. Only invest in your website if you’re sure it’s worth it. Similarly, if you have a fantastic website and skip these steps, you might miss out on valuable traffic, ranking and profits.

Create An Affiliate APP Or Merchant Account

Once your online business or company shows signs of success, exceeding or reaching expected sales targets, you can then use affiliate networking platforms, install your own affiliate platform or offer rewards for sharing your link. Affiliates are both experienced and inexperienced. And you will gain exposure from both. But can expect many sales from experienced affiliate marketers. Whereas, on the other hand, you can create many backlinks from the newer affiliates, for little to nothing, as they learn to climb the ladder. You’ll then notify affiliates of your site’s keywords/tips.

I hope this has been helpful to you. And I wish you every success with your online business!

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