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Which Is The Fastest Hosting Company?

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I have tested out many hosting sites and I am just about to give the results. I think you will be surprised and impressed with the findings.

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Why is fast hosting so important? You will be ranked higher in search engines. You will reach more customers. And earn more money. Sometimes it’s worth spending more, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. But sometimes prices don’t reflect quality at all!

So, without further ado, I am going to release my findings for the fastest hosting company (UK).

Test on Pingdom for the UK:

  • Youstable D
  • Host Slim C
  • Ionos UK C+
  • Verpex A/B/C
  • Host Zone A/B

Read on for my experience with these hosting companies.

While Ionos BUSINESS PRO claims to be the fastest against other leading hosts, CDN must be enabled. It is unclear whether they charge for this. They are fast as it is. They give ONE free SSL certificate in their 10 domain Business Hosting. (Average to fast – UK).

Host Slim also bites, but there seem to be some DNS issues. This could be down to the way I installed my sites on a reseller account. (Average to fast – Europe). They’re based in the Netherlands. They offer very flexible monthly packages. Not bad. But I exceeded my limit.

Youstable I paid for 3 years and I am being refused a refund. It is the slowest of all. Though I do host some large sites. You can buy unlimited hosting or cloud 10 hosting Elite packages. But the claim that they are fast is not so. They said it’s biting there, in India.

Host Zone has an amazing offer of unlimited websites, unlimited size and unlimited bandwidth. And while there were a couple of slight teething problems, they have come up the fastest. And they were the cheapest (bar Host Slim at £1.00/month). Host Zone currently costs $17.00 for Lifetime Hosting. The ease to add domains, set up SSL and install WordPress takes just moments. Support takes a little longer.

My previous hosts were called SharkHosting/Verpex. And they were reliable with great support. But a little costly. As prices increased, I decided to switch. I tried another company and they didn’t have malware protection. I lost 20 sites. And I learned a valuable lesson in 2020. Sometimes, it’s not always about the money. They were not a professional hosting company and this was a service offered. Remember to always use an official company. And always read the terms. Youstable refuses to refund me as I mention casino in my blog. And in that area or hosting, it is prohibited. 3 years hosting £79.00 but also extremely slow. And sometimes rude.

I am getting a faster response time with support from Host Zone now. They only launched in Spring. And they are pretty busy at the moment. Because they obviously have increasing customers to handle. Checking the Pingdom speed test has made me realise I had been less appreciative of their AMAZING DEAL, because I got an A rating in performance.

I am comparing the Pingdom test result rating and that includes the speed, header information, requests and more. To test the speed of your website, head over to https://tools.pingdom.com/. But if you want the fastest hosting/cheap hosting: HOST ZONE UNLIMITED!

This is a totally honest review of my hosting experiences over the past 36 months. Top hosting Verpex, Host Zone, Ionos. Avoid Youstable.

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